Saturday, December 14, 7:30 pm, Symphony Space |The Glass Farm Ensemble and Ensemble Theater am Gleis present music by Christian Wolff, Jaques Demierre, Benedikt Hayoz, Denis Schuler, Peter Ablinger, and a premier of a new piece Ensemble Theater am Gleis commissioned from me.

Thursday, November 22 | Instants Chavirés, Paris | Made in the USA | Ensemble Dedalus performs my "Coney Island, April 15, 2012" from On Foot: Brooklyn, together with works by Devin Maxwell, Cat Lamb, Travis Just, Quentin Tolimieri, Michael Vincent Waller, John Hastings, Jason Brogan, and Jonathan Marmor.

Friday, November 23 | La Chapelle, Montpellier | Made in USA

Monday, September 9, 8:00 pm | Beth O'Brien.

Wednesday, August 28th, 20:00 | Klangraum Düsseldorf | Himmelgeister Strasse 107, 40225 Dusseldorf, Germany | John McAlpine, piano performs pieces by Dante Boon, Craig Shepard, Eva-Maria Houben, and Jürg Frey.

Thursday, August 22nd | Eclipse Mill in North Adams, MA | Daykah, the new ensemble by Dean and Karin Rosenthal perform my Vallorbe, le 23 juilliet 2005 together with music by Jason Brogan, Nomi Epstein, Tom Johnson, Joseph Kudirka, Dean Rosenthal, and Samuel Vriezen.

Friday, July 5th, 7:30 PM | St. Mary at Hill, Eastcheap, EC3R 8EE, London | My piece Four Voice Canon was be performed together with works by Eva-Maria Houben, Kunsu Shim, John White and Daniel James Wolf by MWLTH Ensemble on Marcus Trunk's Some Tunes program, part of the Music We'd Like to Hear festival.

Friday, June 28, 8:00 PM | Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 259 N. 5th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211 | L to Bedford Ave, G to Metropolitan | The Guidonian Hand trombone quartet together with four strings performed Craig Shepard's Daniel (1) together with new works by Erik Carlson, Andrew C. Smith and Tyler Wilcox. Presented by Index. Supported by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Williamsburg.

Moments Musicaux | Thursday, February 21, 2013 | Boiler, Rathausgasse 18, Aarau, Switzerland | Craig Shepard's Four Voice Canon performed by Anghared Davies, violin, Johnny Chang, viola, Stefan Thut, violoncello, and Jürg Frey clarinet at the Wandelweiser und so weiter series together with works by Manfred Werder, Jack Callahan, Johnny Chang, Taylam Susam and Eva-Maria Houben.

Broadway Walk | Sunday, February 3, 2013 | 13.7-mile silent walk down the entire length of Broadway in Manhattan. 

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October 11th, 8:00 pm | Old Stone House, Washington Park, 336 Third Street, bet. 4th/5th Avenues, Brooklyn, NY 11215 | Dan Joseph interviews Craig Shepard followed by music from On Foot: Brooklyn performed by Shepard and Jack Callahan, melodica. Beth O'Brien presents visuals from the project. Curated by Dan Joseph.

James Saunders published a piece about the music of Wandelweiser, in the Contemporary Music Review. His piece is called "Testing the Consequences". purchase.

June 24, 2012, 8pm | Transient Series I 6 | Willow Place Auditorium, 26 Willow Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201 | The Dream Team Ensemble, made up of composer-performers Jack Callahan, guitar, KCM Walker harmonium and David Kant saxophone perform Craig Shepard's Jack, as well as new works by the ensemble members, Jürg Frey and Andrew C. Smith.

June 15th, 8:00 pm | December 4th, 2008, 8:00 PM | Issue Project Room | Book Release Celebration for On Foot | Craig Shepard, speaker, Christian Wolff, melodica, piano, Jeremy Lamb, cello, Katie Porter, clarinet, Zach Seldess, walker.

February 21 to May 21 | On Foot: Brooklyn


Sunday, January 22, 9:00 pm to midnight | Martian Gardens WMUA (91.1 FM) Amherst | Interview with Martian Gardens host Max Shea featuring some unreleased recordings as well as a live studio performance. Live stream at www.wmua.org.

Saturday, January 21, 7:00 pm talk, 8:00 pm concert | Possible Music I | Centrum Gallery at Hampshire College, 893 West St, Amherst, MA | At 7:00 pm, Talk on "On Foot: Brooklyn".  Concert at 8:00 pm with music of Shepard, Larry Polansky, Christian Wolff, and Jack Callahan. Featuring Chelsea Dunn, cello, Gabby Mogul, violin, Dave Gross, alto sax, David Kant, tenor sax, Jeremy Starpoli and Craig Shepard, trombones, Dean Rosenthal and Tom Crean, guitars, Jack Callahan, melodica, percussion.

Thursday January 12th, 7:00 pm | Parasol Unit, 14 Wharf Road, London, N1 7RW | £5/£3 | The Set Ensemble featuring Dominic Lash, David Stent, and Sarah Hughes - will perform my solo guitar piece David simultaneously with Backgrounds and Silences. Also on the program is Antoine Beuger's Peckinpah Trios. The performance will follow a lecture by Sanja Perovic entitled "On the Control of Time and the French Revolution". The event is organized by Intercapillary Places.

Monday, November 7th, 7:00pm | Bluestockings books, 172 Allen St, one block south of Houston St, NYC, F Train to 2nd Ave. Craig Shepard gives a talk: "Taking it Outside: Music in Public Spaces". More information here.

Saturday, October 22, starting at 6:14 am | 34 mile walk around perimeter of Manhattan. I'll start on the Hudson River at 14th Street and head downtown, walking counterclockwise around the island.

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August 23rd, 2011 the CD for On Foot was released on the Edition Wandelweiser Records label. To celebrate the release, Craig Shepard performed the six pieces from the CD, one each evening at 6:30 pm, in public spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Performance locations were determined by superimposing a map of Switzerland over New York City; locations correspond to places in Switzerland.

August 23rd: Dewitt Clinton Park, corner of 11th Ave and 52nd St in Manhattan (Geneva)
August 24th: Northwest Corner of Broadway and 55th St (St. Cergue)
August 25th: Northwest Corner of 53rd St and the Avenue of the Americas (Crêt de la Neuve)
August 26th: Park Avenue at 50th St (Grottes de l’Orbe)
August 27th: Northeast Corner of Lexington Ave and 48th St (Vallorbe)
August 28th: Driggs Avenue between Lorimer St and Union Ave, McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Dornach)

July 4, 2011, 19:00 | Atelier Pia Maria, Quellgasse 3, 2500 Biel/Bienne (CH) | Angharad Davies (violin), Julia Eckhardt (viola), Dominic Lash (double bass), and Stefan Thut (violoncello) perform Craig Shepard: Four Voice Canon, Manfred Werder: vier ausführende, seiten 19-20, Stefan Thut: vier, 1-12, Michael Pisaro: mind is moving #2,3,4,5

June 21, 3:30 & 5:00 pm | The Lake at Central Park, NYC | Performance with TILT Brass at Make Music New York. Performing trombone on a piece composed by Julian Day, Luke Jaaniste and Janet McKay as part of their ongoing project Super Critical Mass. Find the review in The New York Times here.

Sunday, April 2nd, 4:30 pm | Craig Shepard performs October for piano (20-minute program) | Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church, 275 North 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Monday, April 11th, 20:00 | Raum für Kultur95, Horburgstr. 95, 4057 Basel, Switzerland
Tuesday, April 12th, 20:00 | Alte Kirche Boswil, Flurstrasse 21, 5623 Boswil, Switzerland
Wednesday, April 13th, 20:00 | Klang im Turm, Claude-Lorrain-Str. 26, 2nd Floor, Munich, Germany
Friday, April 15th, 21:00 | Kunstraum Walcheturm, Kanonengasse 20, 8004 Zurich, Switzerland
Tom Johnson's Networks, Christian Wolff's Basel and premier Jürg Frey's Stranger with Melody and Chorals and Vague Canons, written especially for the Peckinpah Trio. Beat Keller, electric guitar, Christian Kobi, saxophone, and Craig Shepard, trombone. The tour is made possible through the generous support of Künstlerhaus Boswil, Kuratorium Aarau, Nicati deLuze Stiftung, Kultur Stadt Zürich, GGG Basel, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, UBS Kulturstiftung, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung.

Sunday, February 6th, 4:00 pm | Music for Contemplation at St. Cecilia's Church | 84 Herbert Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222-5047 | Performance of Elizabeth for organ.

Saturday, January 29th, 19:00 | John Cage "Variations VII" | Asahi Artsquare (Asakusa, Tokyo) | 2500/2900 yen | Together with Adachi Tomomi, Arima Sumihisa, Ikeda Takumi, Mohri Yuko, and 18 composers from around the world.


Friday, November 19, 20:00 | Lichtspiel - Kinemathek, Bahnhofstrasse 21, CH-3008 Bern | Bar opens at 19:00 | The newly formed Peckinpah Trio performs Antoine Beuger's 2003 composition, "Peckinpah Trios" | Beat Keller, electric guitar, Christian Kobi, saxophone, Craig Shepard, trombone | Beuger's piece was inspired by Sam Peckinpah's The Ballad of Cable Hogue, which will screen at 20:30.

Wednesday, October 13, 8:00 p.m. |  Craig Shepard performance on drumset for an installment of Marcus Kaiser's ongoing an einem ort - an einem anderen ort.

July 14th, 2010 | Church of St. Anne & St. Agnes, London | December will be performed by Tim Parkinson at Music We'd Like to Hear.

Monday, June 21st, 2010, 7:00 to 9:00 pm | Dana Discovery Center at Central Park, 36 W 110th St at 5th Ave, NYC | World premiers of Tiefenbrunnen and Zürichhorn by the Trombone Gathering as part of Make Music New York. Featuring Alex Asher, Douglas Campbell, Dale Turk, Kevin McCormack, Craig Shepard and many others. Curated by Kevin McCormack.


November 20-29, 2009 | Huddersfield, UK | As part of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2009 pianist Philip Thomas performs a program of music by American experimental composers including Joe Kudirka, Christian Wolff, Larry Polansky, Travis Just, Craig Shepard, Mike Winter, Michael Pisaro and G. Douglas Barrett.

November 15, 2009, 10:00 pm | The Stone | Avenue C and 2nd Street, New York City | Aaron Meicht, trumpet, Katie Porter, clarinet, Dan Joseph, guitar, and Harvey Weissman, speaker present compositions and readings from Craig Shepard's On Foot.

Three | Thursday, September 24, 8:00 pm | Listen/Space, 195 Skillman Ave, Williamsburg | Craig Shepard, trombone, Christian Kobi, saxophone, and Beat Keller, guitar, perform Antoine Beuger's Peckinpah Trios. Inspired by Sam Peckinpah's Ballad of Cable Hogue.

Two | Tuesday, September 22, 10:00 pm | Ontological-Hysterical Theater, 131 E. 10th Street (at 2nd Avenue), inside St. Mark's Church |Three duos: Shepard/JustKobi/Keller, Porter/Maxwell, perform Christian Wolff's Pairs, Basel, Grete, and Larry Polansky's Christian Music.

One | Sunday, September 20, 6:00 pm | Listen/Space, 195 Skillman Ave, Williamsburg | Sean Meehan, snare drum, and Christian Kobi, saxophone, each performs a solo improvised set, often, but not always, very quietly.

Saturday, September 12, 2009, 3:00 to 9:00 pm | Moments Musicaux | Kutlur & Kongresshaus Aarau | Jürg Frey, clarinet, and Stefan Thut, cello perform Craig Shepard's Weehawken, July, 8, 2008 together with works by Luc Ferrari, Michael Pisaro, Tim Parkinson, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut, Taku Sugimoto, Taylan Susam, Howard Skempton, Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Tom Johnson, Anastassis Philippakopoulos, Mark So, Pierre Thoma, Eliane Radigue, and Peter Ablinger.

April 25-26, 2009 | Huddersfield University, UK | Nothing New? Understanding Newness in Medieval and Contemporary Music, a conference held at the University of Huddersfield. The Edges Ensemble, directed by Joseph Kudirka and Aaron Cassidy perform works by Craig Shepard, Jason Brogan, Mike Winter, Michael Pisaro, G. Douglas Barrett.

March 28th, 2009, 15:45 | Seepromenade, Zürich, Switzerland | Trompetensee | A chain of 18 trumpets stretching from Seefeldquai to the Arboretum along the Lake in Zürich performed Trumpet City by Craig Shepard. Corrado Bossard, Andreas Wulf. Presented by the Musikpodium der Stadt Zurich.

March 19, 2009, 20:00 | Kunstraum Düsseldorf | Himmelgeister Straße 107 E, 40225 Düsseldorf | Craig Shepard, trumpet, Antoine Beuger, flute | Craig Shepard's Weehawken, July 8, 2008, Two-Voice Canon #1 and Antoine Beuger's un lieu pour être deux.

March 18, 2009, 20:00 | Klang im Turm | Claude-Lorrain-Straße 26, München | Craig Shepard, speaker and pocket trumpet, presented text and music from On Foot.

Saturday, March 7th, 2009, 9:00 pm | 540 West 21st St, NYC | MIXER: EXPO | Craig Shepard, trumpet, Doug Barrett, electronics, Sean Meehan, snare drum improvisation within the structure of Mark Shepard's Hertzian Rain.


December 4th, 8:00 PM | Issue Project Room | Book Release Celebration for On Foot | Craig Shepard, speaker, Christian Wolff, melodica, piano, Jeremy Lamb, cello, Katie Porter, clarinet, Zach Seldess, walker

In the sound project On Foot, Craig Shepard walked 250 miles across Switzerland. Every day he composed a new piece, wrote it down and performed it on the pocket trumpet at 6 p.m. All concerts took place out-of-doors in public spaces such as squares, harbors, intersections, sidewalks, and mountain-tops. This evening celebrates the release of the book about the project published by Edition Howeg, Zurich. Buy the book now.

April 24  | Roulette, 20 Greene St, NYC | Part of the Interpretations Series | Christian Wolff, piano + melodica, Jürg Frey, clarinet, Larry Polansky, electric guitar, Craig Shepard,trombone, Jeremy Lamb, cello, Marco Capelli, electric guitar | performing Christian Wolff's MICROEXERCISES and Jürg Frey's les tréfonds inexplorés des signes.

March 15 | Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY | Silent Music | Craig Shepard's November together with music of Morton Feldman performed by Joe Kubera, piano. Together with Craig Shepard's Lines (1) performed by Christian Kesten and Antoine Beuger's Peckinpah Trios performed by Craig Shepard, trombone, Christian Kesten, guitar, Jeremy Lamb, cello, curated by Dan Joseph.


March 8, 2007 | Kunstraum Düsseldorf | Eva-Maria Houben, piano | performed Craig Shepard's March

Words Move Music performed in the series Klang im Turm, Munich and Kunstraum Düsseldorf.

Awarded grant from Change, Inc.

On Foot performed at Kunstraum Düsseldorf.


16 Trompeten | Toni Molkerei | Craig Shepard, artistic director, Antoine Beuger, music, performed by the trumpet classes of Corrado Bossard and Andreas Wulf | presented by the Hochschule Musik und Theater Zürich.

Curated the Further series at the Schlosserei Nenniger in Zürich.

String Quartet #1 performed by the Bozzini String Quartet at the Kunstraum Düsseldorf.


Conceived and realized On Foot, a 31-day concert tour of Switzerland.

Jane, for two pianos commissioned by Tanja Masanti.

Trombonist with Collegium Novum Zürich (2001-2005).

Research into listening dispositions published in the Schweizerische Musikzeitung.

Artistic Director of Vor und Nach.

Artistic Director of Wolff Weiter, a concert tour with Christian Wolff.

Composition Heartbeat performed by Maulwerker at TESLA, Berlin.


Commissioned by the Kantorei of the City of Solothurn to compose the work They Can Tell You for choir, two cornetts and two sacbuts.

Performed on Alfred Zimmerlin’s Or-bit at the ISCM World New Music Days.

Collaborated on the project Wir suchen überall das unbedingt in the Atelier Christoph Nicolaus, München.

Curated the Cage Weiter series at the Schlosserei Nenniger in Zürich.

Conceived and executed the research project Hördispositionen (Listening Dispositions) at the Hochschule Musik und Theater Zürich.


Empty : Open commissioned by the Gesellschaft für Literatur, Kunst und Musik Romanshorn.

Performed with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

Conceived and realized the 21-day project Ears to Hear at the Bellevue See-Promenade in Zürich.

Collaboration on the project 120 Tage Kunst im Bunker, München.

Composition Wind (3) performed at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

Compositions October and December premiered by Guy van Dromme in the Kunstraum Düsseldorf.


Performed Baroque trombone on the recording Ave Maria with the Vokalensemble München.


Performed Manfred Werder’s Stück 1998 in the Galerie Mark Müller Zürich and Stadtbibliothek Aarau.

Premier of November by Jongah Yoon at the Kunstraum Düsseldorf.

Premier of Orchard by Tobias Liebezeit and Marcus Kaiser at the Kunstraum Düsseldorf.

Lines (6) performed by Caspar Glättli at the Gallerie Mark Müller Zürich.


Collaborated on Zehnmal Eins / Einmal Zehn (John Cage’s Music for Ten) in the Kunstraum Düsseldorf.


Joined the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble.

Lines (1) premiered in the Gallerie Mark Müller Zürich.

Lines (2) premiered by the Singeborgs at the Kunstraum Düsseldorf.

Presented more than 20 performances of experimental music in self-renovated textile factory in Vernon, Connecticut.


Received the Northwestern School of Music Dean’s Grant to perform and travel in Europe.

Awarded Bachelor of Music, magna cum laude from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, studying trombone with Frank Crisfulli and composition with Michael Pisaro, Amnon Wolman and Alan Stout.