Saturday, January 21st, 12-10 pm | Music Composition Hackathon curated by Jonathan Marmor | 45 W 18th St, NYC | RSVP here. Craig Shepard leads a day-long composition workshop with an informal performance in the evening. Everyone writes, everyone performs. No prior musical training necessary. You can read about two past composition workshops here.

Sunday, January 8th, 3-5 pm | Second Sunday Series, curated by Kevin FerrellBloomingdale School of Music, 323 West 108th St, NY NY 10025, C.B to 110 th St | Always Free | Craig Shepard presents Cirlce Music 4.1 together with Kevin Farell (contrabass), Erin Rogers (saxophone) and Meighan Stoops (clarinet). Meighan Stoops begins at 3:00 pm with a solo set.